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Les Desserts

Cakes & Desserts by Pastry Chef, Brooke Corpus

Custom Designed Wedding Cake

Sugar & Spice
(Spice Cake, Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling)
Red Velvet
(Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling)
Love of Chocolate
(Chocolate Mousse Filling)
Strawberry Fields Forever
(Strawberry Cake filled with Whipped Cream & Fresh Sliced Strawberries)
Triple Berry
(Vanilla Cake filled with Vanilla Whipped Cream Layered with Fresh Raspberries, Blueberries & Blackberries)
(Vanilla Cake dappled with Colorful Confetti, Cream Cheese Butter Cream)
Cookies & Cream
(Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Whipped Cream Filling Mixed with Chunks of Oreo Cookies)
(Cream Cheese Buttercream mixed with Toasted Pecans & Coconut
Peanut Butter & Jelly
(Vanilla Cake, Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Butter Cream & Layered with Strawberry Preserves)
Lemon Raspberry
(Lemon Cake, Raspberry Mousse Filling)
Sweet Marble
(Marble Cake, Cream Cheese Butter Cream Filling
• Based upon cake structure and size
Our pastry chef has vast experience in traditional & more modern pastry confections.
We will be delighted to provide you with a unique creation for this special day.

Please share the cake photos that you like.

Wedding Cakes at Cafe Jardin, Sherman Gardens

Assortment of Mini Pastries
For those who love desserts, perhaps served with a smaller cake
Individual Size $4.00/ea
Choice of:
Crème Brûlée, Apple Tart, Pear Tart, Pecan Tart, Lemon Tart, Strawberry Tart, Raspberry Tart, Mixed Fruit Tart, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Mousse Tart, & Cream Puff

Fruit Tray
Seasonal cut fruit to be served at the table or as an addition to your buffet or Fruit Skewers

Dessert Duo
Lemon Tart & Flourless Chocolate Cake on one plate

Thin Apple Tart
Caramel Sauce

Tarte Tartin
Warm Apple Tart cooked upside down

Chocolate Flourless Cake
Coffee Sauce

Pascal’s Specialty Lemon Tart

Desserts for Wedding Receptions at Cafe Jardin

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